About TLCI

The Love Concept International (TLCI) is the outreach arm of Leadership Initiative for Change and Development – LICD (CAC/IT/NO 56123) which is a duly registered and operational Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) in Nigeria. The Love Concept International focuses on reaching out to orphans and orphanage homes in Nigeria and across Africa. We connect with orphans and orphanage homes socially, emotionally, financially and materially. Very important, we are a bridge between those who seek to support orphans and the orphanage homes. We welcome volunteers, partners and sponsors to join us as we ensure that orphans have a best life. Your support could make a difference. Your donation could impact an orphan today. Let’s be the love.

Our Projects

So far we have been involved in some amazing projects


We give orphans a VIP treat at these events with quality entertainment, refreshment and gift items.


We provide facilities and aids to orphanage homes to aid their daily activities


We seek to support with school fees and provision of adequate school materials.


We provide medical assistance to orphans that have medical conditions or general health needs.


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Every child deserves access to quality education including orphans. Orphans across Nigeria require the support of TLCI and partners in order to access or continue their education. We invite individuals, organizations and companies to partner with us and sponsor the education of these kids. Donations are welcomed for this purpose.



Food and clothes are vital for kids. TLCI volunteers will visit Orphanage homes will welfare items. We are calling on partners and sponsors to support this cause. Donations will be used to provide food items and clothes for orphans. Kind donations are welcome too.



The Love Concert will host orphans in game centers/cinemas/malls across Lagos, Abuja, Warri, Benin, Ibadan, Asaba and Owerri. The Love Concert helps them improve socially and emotionally which is fundamental in their societal integration. The orphans will be treated with quality entertainment music, dance, comedy, games, and refreshment.


The health of orphans is important. TLCI will have medical outreaches in orphanage homes across Nigeria to ensure that the orphans have access to quality health care. Donations will be received for this cause. We welcome medical practitioners to also partner and volunteer for this cause.


TLCI seeks to empower orphans with entrepreneurial and life skills. Skill Acquisition Programs will hold for Orphans across Nigeria. Donations will be received for this cause. We welcome facilitators and trainers to partner and volunteer towards this cause.


Facility Support: TLCI also seek to furnish orphanage homes with the necessary facilities in order to make the homes more conducive for the development of the orphans. Donations will be received for this purpose.


Make Your Donations To:

  • Account Name: Leadership Initiative for Change & Development
  • Account Name: 5512030777
  • Account Type: Current
  • Bank: Eco Bank Nigeria

upcoming Events

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2nd April, 2018

Love Concert – Easter Edition.

The orphans will be hosted in game centers, cinemas, malls or recreation centers. This event will boost them socially, psychologically and emotionally. 2nd April 2018 (Easter Monday). Donations will be received till March 2018

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Support Orphans Food & Clothes

Bank Details:

  • Account Name: Leadership Initiative for Change & Development
  • Account Number: 5512030777
  • Bank: Eco Bank

Please use the 'Orphans Food & Clothes' as Remarks.

17th July, 2018

Welfare Support Scheme

Food and clothing items will be procured for the orphans. This project will sort the basic welfare needs of Orphans. Saturday 7th July 2018. Donations will be received till June 2018

Welfare Support

5th October, 2018

Education Support Scheme

In preparation for the new academic session 2018/2019, this project will support orphans with school fees, school books, school uniforms and other education materials. Friday, October 5th 2018. Donations will be received till September 2018.

Education Support