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Our Projects

So far we have been involved in some amazing projects

The Love Concert


The LOVE CONCERT is a charity event put together by The Love Concept International (TLCI), partners and other organizations to celebrate festive seasons (Easter Mondays and Christmas seasons) with orphans. The orphans are given a VIP treat at these events with quality entertainment (music, dance, comedy and games), refreshment and gift items.

The aims of The Love Concert project are;

  1. - To give the orphans an amazing social experience.
  2. - To make the kids know and feel that we are their family
  3. - To spend quality time with the kids outside their homes

The Love Concert has recorded tremendous success in several cities (Lagos, Warri, Abuja, Benin, Ibadan, and Asaba) across Nigeria since December 2013. The project has impacted over 500 Orphans from 20 homes.



Facility support schemes


The Love Concept International (TLCI) seeks to improve the conditions of the Orphanage homes. We believe that the state of the orphanage home is vital to the growth and development of orphans. This project focuses on provision of equipment, appliances and materials, renovation of homes and everything that is needed to improve the standard of living in orphanage homes. Check the causes for donation section to see how you can urgently assist an orphanage home.





Education support for orphans


The Love Concept International (TLCI) believes that quality education is important in the total development of a child and no child including orphans should be deprived from having access to quality education. We seek to support with school fees and provision of adequate school materials. You can check the partnership section and causes for donation section to see how you can sponsor an orphan’s education.




Medical Assistance


While executing our projects in the past few years, we have come across orphans who are sick and need proper medical attention. Most of them are yet to get the needed medical attention because of lack of finance. The Love Concept International (TLCI) seeks to raise funds for orphans needing medical attention especially those with urgent and special cases. Kindly check the causes for donation section and see how you can be part of this project.





Skills Acquisition Program


The Love Concept International (TLCI) believes that orphans should be trained with necessary skills early enough. This is important as older orphans prepare for life outside the home. The Love Project International (TLPI) and partners seek to arm orphans with skills and also help them begin a business. If you desire to impart orphans with your skills, knowledge or you want to sponsor an orphan to learn a skill or start a business, kindly check the partnership section for more details.





General Welfare


The Love Concept International (TLCI) is committed to the welfare of the orphans in their homes. We consistently visit homes and furnish them with food and clothes items. If you desire to be part of this project, you can reach us at any time. Kindly see the partnership section and see how you can be part of this project.